N-Methylaniline with 99% Purity CAS 100-61-8 Monomethylaniline MMA Dye Intermediate

N-Methylaniline with 99% Purity CAS 100-61-8 Monomethylaniline MMA Dye Intermediate

Dye Intermediate N-Methylaniline with 99% Purity CAS 100-61-8 Monomethylaniline MMA...

  • China Factory Supply Catalyst Ferrocene CAS 102-54-5 with Good Price

    Catalyst Factory Supply Best Price Ferrocene Uses for Gasoline CAS: 102-54-5

  • Healthy Dragon Boat Festival

    Tomorrow is the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival is one of the traditional Chinese festivals, on May 5 every year, people will race dragon boats in memory of Qu Yuan and eat zongzi

  • The importance of business English training for employees in foreign trade enterprises

    The development of the situation has put forward new challenges for management training. If enterprises want to improve management level in the development of market economy, they must pay attention to management training.

  • Company training month

    Talking about the training of employees in foreign trade enterprises

  • Participate in Shanghai Exhibition

    2023 Shanghai International Conference on Disinfection and Infection Prevention and Control and Shanghai International Medical Disinfection and Sensor Control Equipment Exhibition will be held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center from June 28 to June 30, 2023.

  • Celebrate 6.1 Children's Day

    Celebrate 6.1 Children's Day Today is 6.2, yesterday was 6.1, it is Children's Day, although we are adults, but we go out to have a dinner, a holiday in the afternoon!

  • Major changes in the foreign trade industry

    The positive trend in foreign trade has been further demonstrated

  • Participate in the exhibition

    Do a good job in collecting all kinds of materials and information of the trade exhibition.

  • Do foreign trade live

    In the broadcast room to do foreign trade, someone took 180 million orders

  • Changzhou, Jiangsu: Stabilize foreign trade and escort enterprises to "go global"

    Recently, Jiangsu issued the "Several Policies on Promoting Stable scale and Excellent structure of Foreign trade", which proposed to strengthen financial support. Changzhou Local Financial Supervision Administration to increase financing support, strengthen service guarantee as the starting point, make good use of the "Su trade loan" policy, reduce financing costs, further tilt to small and micro foreign trade enterprises, promote foreign trade stability and quality, help Changzhou foreign trade to achieve high-quality development.

  • Too bad! More than 400 chemicals "frustrated"!

    Recently, Shanghai Ocean Mountain deep water Port dock, covering an area of 450,000 square meters of container yard, containers have been piled into a matrix of six or seven layers, these colorful containers from Mediterranean shipping, Maersk, Evergreen and other different shipping companies or rental companies.

  • Practical guidance and case interpretation of import and export of hazardous chemicals

    Professor Zha, associate professor, Doctor of Economics and first-level Customs Inspector of Shanghai Customs College, covered the import and export supervision of hazardous chemicals and the compliance management of the import and export of hazardous chemicals in enterprises in the half-day lecture, helping students to strengthen the compliance management of the import and export of hazardous chemicals, prevent common violation risks, and ensure safe production and legal operation.

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