warfarin sodium

  • Warfarin sodium Powder CAS 129-06-6

    Warfarin sodium Powder CAS 129-06-6 Price is competitive. Quality is consistent and garanteed. Delivery is prompt. Warfarin sodium CAS NO.: 129-06-6 EINECS NO.:: 204-929-4 M.F.: C19H16NaO4 M.W.: 331.3172

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  • CAS 129-06-6 Warfarin sodium

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  • White Powder Warfarin sodium CAS 129-06-6 C19H15O4.Na

    1. The following conditions should be used with caution: cachexia, asthenia, fever, chronic alcoholism, active tuberculosis, congestive heart failure, severe hypertension, subacute bacterial endocarditis, menorrhagia, threatened abortion, etc. 2. During the long-term application of the minimum maintenance dose, if surgery is required, vitamin K1 injection 50mg can be injected, but the drug should be stopped before central nervous system and eye surgery. Stool occult blood should be examined after gastrointestinal surgery. 3. Excessive amounts may cause various kinds of bleeding, so PT+A should be monitored during medication. Note whether other drugs taken at the same time have any effect on this product, so as to adjust the dose in time. 4. A small amount of this product can be secreted into the milk, but the concentration of the drug in the milk and infant plasma is very low, which has little effect on the infant, but the bleeding situation of the suckle should still be observed.

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