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Brief Introduction

Propylene glycol scientific name "1, 2-propylene glycol". Chemical formula CH3CHOHCH2OH. Molecular weight 76.10. It has a chiral carbon atom in it. Racemate for easy hygroscopic viscous liquid, slightly spicy flavor. Specific gravity 1.036(25/4℃), freezing point -59℃. Boiling point 188.2℃, 83.2℃(1,333 paras), soluble in water, acetone, ethyl acetate and chloroform, soluble in ether. Soluble in many essential oils, but not miscible with petroleum ether, paraffin and grease. Stable to heat and light, more stable at low temperature. The boiling point of levosome is 187 ~ 189℃, and the specific rotation [α]D20-15.0°. Propylene glycol can be oxidized to propional, lactic acid, pyruvate and acetic acid at high temperature.


  1. Propylene glycol has good solubility, less toxicity and irritation, and is widely used as a solvent, extraction solvent and preservative for injections (such as intramuscular injection, intravenous injection) and non-injectable pharmaceutical preparations (such as oral liquid, eye preparation, ear preparation, dental preparation, rectovaginal preparation, transdermal preparation, etc.). It is a better solvent than glycerol. It dissolves many substances such as corticosterols (sex hormones), chloramphenicol, sulfonamides, barbiturates, hemopine, quinidine, dehydrocorticosterone acetate, fumarine sulfate, nitrogen mustard hydrochloride, vitamin A, vitamin D, many volatile oils, most alkaloids, and many local anesthetics. Propylene glycol as a bacteriostatic agent is similar to ethanol, and the effect of inhibiting mold is similar to glycerol, but slightly less than ethanol. Propylene glycol is commonly used as a plasticizer for water-based film coating materials. The same amount of mixed liquid with water can delay the hydrolysis of some drugs and increase the stability of preparation products. 15%-30% propylene glycol solution and semi-solid preparation can be used as antibacterial preservatives, about 15% propylene glycol local preparation can be used as moisturizing agent, 10%-30% propylene glycol aerosol solvent, 10%-25% propylene glycol oral solution, 10%-60% injection preparation, 5%-80% local preparation should be used as solvent and co-solvent.

Product Description


English NamePropylene glycol
Meting Point-60 °C (lit.)
Boling Point187 °C (lit.)

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